What Did He Say? What Did He Do? What's the Point? Author: Rick James 140 pages, paperback Intervarsity Press To spiritually ground a new believer, or new disciple, we intuitively want them to read two things: the Gospels and a book like Mere Christianity. Why? Because we want to introduce them to Jesus as well as provide strong support for their faith. In Jesus Without Religion, Rick James has written a book that accomplishes both objectives. Apologetic books typically present arguments for Jesus, stripped from the context of Scripture. While arguing for Jesus, we never actually meet Jesus. Jesus Without Religion provides an overview of the Gospels, and through reading sections of Scripture with brief commentary, the reader gets to know Jesus - what he said and what he did. And, where possible, apologetic arguments (everything from Lord, Liar, Lunatic to Evidence for the Resurrection) are imported into the commentary to provide gentle persuasion and assurance. Jesus Without Religion paints a compelling portrait of Jesus and after finishing the book, the reader will clearly understand the words, works and claims of Jesus. The book concludes with a clear presentation of the gospel as well as an opportunity to respond. Think of JWR as the More Than a Carpenter for this generation, especially as the writing style is far from formal. Book Outline: Contact: Jesus arrives on planet earth Vulgar: Course words, shocking speech Marvel: Super power Scandalon: The final offense Scapegoat: The death of innocence Why? What was the point?