Experience God's Love and Blessing Through the Liberating Power of His Ten Commandments Author: Bill Brigh What role do the Ten Commandments fulfill in our lives? Why are they so important to the world today? Although all of Scripture is inspired by God, only the Ten Commandments were truly written by the finger of God. They were given to us on Mount Sinai as pure principles of godly living. In this practical book, Bill Bright shows how the Old Testament truths about God's standard of holiness are reaffirmed in the New Testament and how the Ten Commandments are relevant to us today. Written by the Hand of God gives simple steps on how keeping the Ten Commandments in the power of the Holy Spirit will...Help you experience God's overflowing blessingsShow you how to find balance in your Christian lifeEnable you to avoid the pitfalls of cultural temptation and personal sinGive you hope for future rewards in heaven Hardcover 288 Pages Cru 1563991659